The Freedom House Mission

In  2012, the Freedom House Board established a new direction for the organization to scale our programs to serve more young people and work towards doubling the college graduation rate. We connect our historic legacy of success in the civil rights movement and first mover status  in college access and success programming to the critical 21st century view of the need to graduate more young people from college particularly those from immigrant, minority or low income backgrounds.
Freedom House is clear that a high quality  high school education coupled with a college degree are worthwhile investments and pathways to opportunity and upward social mobility. Closing the opportunity divide and eliminating disparities in educational attainment are community development challenges that Freedom House is uniquely poised to address.
Our Mission:
To transform the economic and cultural fabric of high-need communities through education and leadership development.
Freedom House’s work is based on the following core values:
Legacy, Progress and Persistence: We are inspired by a rich tradition of leadership in civil rights and social justice. We honor that tradition through continuous reflection together with relentless pursuit of progress.
Education: We believe in the transformative power of education and lifelong learning as the foundation for opportunity and choice. We approach our work with a teachable spirit as both student and instructor.
Diversity and Cultural Competency: We embrace and foster the equality of cultures.
Leadership: We imagine a better state and create pathways to get there. We believe in creating future leaders for the betterment of the community through civic engagement.
Integrity and Accountability: We believe our programs and relationships are built and sustained through transparency reliability and candor. We hold ourselves accountable for setting high expectations and exceeding them.
Freedom House Team Photo
Freedom House civil rights

Our History

Founded in 1949, Freedom House is located in the Grove Hall neighborhood of Boston. We hope to build a new facility at our 14 Crawford Street location in the next few years. Freedom House is dedicated to keeping the American Dream alive. Given this critical community need, in a country where the population is shifting to “majority-minority,” we must aggressively address the problems that Freedom House has tackled over so many decades. Freedom House’s strengths lie in pioneering anti-poverty youth development and college completion strategies for low income and minority  students; a history and legacy of commitment to social justice and educational excellence.

Our Commitment

To help young  people achieve self-sufficiency and put them on the path to upward social  mobility through:

  • Elevating their academic performance,
  • Coaching them to persist and succeed in college in order to attain better career options,
  • Providing civic engagement training and projects.
  • Engaging parents and the entire community in  supporting educational excellence.

Meet the team

We are enthusiastic and passionate about what we’re doing. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • Katrina Shaw
    Katrina ShawChief Executive Officer

    Shaw joined Freedom House in September 2012. She has over 10 years experience building successful  programs & initiatives that advance goals, engage stakeholders & create collaborative relationships. Previously, she was Co-Executive Director of City Year Louisiana. Other positions included Assistant Vice President at the State Street Foundation-Global Philanthropy and Director of Community Impact at the United Way of Mass. She is a graduate of Spelman College & the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work.

  • Tyler Seever
    Tyler SeeverChief Operating Officer

    Tyler Seever brings over ten years of experience in the non-profit sector to the Freedom House team. Before coming to Freedom House, he founded Project Humanity, a non-profit delivering clean water to villages in northern Uganda. Tyler has worked in the nonprofit sector doing grant writing, fundraising, program development, and defining and promoting organizational goals and mission. He has also worked with the Dept. of Mental Health, Boston Public Schools, and NGOs in Haiti to develop and implement trauma response plans.

  • Kimberly Amyouny
    Kimberly AmyounyPUSH Program Manager

    Kim Amyouny came to the Boston area, from California in 2001, to serve as a City Year Corps Member. She spent 3 years working in Dorchester and Hyde Park in afterschool programming as part of the Citizen Schools Teaching Fellowship. Through her fellowship she completed her Master’s degree in Education Specializing in OST, Leadership & Community at Lesley University. After graduate school Kim spent five years developing the Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership Center at The New England Institute of Art.

  • Juan David Lozano
    Juan David LozanoPUSH College Pogram Manager

    Juan David Lozano was born in Colombia and raised in Dorchester. Juan David is a first generation graduate of UMass Dartmouth along with being a graduate of Boston College Lynch School of Higher Education with a concentration in Student Affairs for student access. Juan David hopes to continue to show reciprocity in his community in Boston, while staying in touch with his roots in Colombia as the Founding Director of Los Restauradores.

  • Charmaine L. Arthur
    Charmaine L. ArthurDirector of Community Programs

    Charmaine L. Arthur has been with Freedom House since 2009.  She has been in the field of youth development, program design, grants management and out of school time for 25 years.  She has dedicated her career to serving youth, supporting them in attaining success and developing leaders at a young age.  Ms. Arthur has helped hundreds of young men and women overcome social, emotional, and behavior barriers all within the context of career awareness, career exploration, and self-reflection.

  • Ashley Harton-Powell
    Ashley Harton-PowellFreedom House Academy Fellow

    Ashley was born and raised in Dorchester, and has been exposed to different educational and career opportunities in Boston. Recipient of a Massachusetts Promise Fellowship, she currently serves as the Freedom House Academy Coach, assisting students in credit recovery and providing next step options after graduation. Ashley holds a BA from UMass Dartmouth and is currently working on her Master’s in Nonprofit Management at Northeastern University.

  • Gabrielle Sims
    Gabrielle SimsDevelopment Associate

    Gabrielle Sims is originally from Atlanta and joined the development team at Freedom House in August 2016. Before joining Freedom House, Gabrielle completed her Master’s in African American Studies at Boston University. Gabrielle is passionate about public policy impact in urban cities and community development.

  • Melissa Medina
    Melissa MedinaPUSH High School Coach

    Melissa Medina Joined Freedom House as the new 11th and 12th grade Push High School Success Coach in September 2015. Melissa Graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston in August of 2015 where she majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Anthropology. After graduating college, Melissa served a year with College Advising Corps- Boston University as an AmeriCorps member. She served students at Boston International High School as their College Adviser. After working with the students for the 2015-2016 school year, Melissa realized that her passion is to continue educating youth and providing support with college access.

  • Kevin Herbert
    Kevin HerbertPUSH High School Coach

    Kevin Herbert was born and raised in Dorchester, MA. Kevin joined the Freedom House team in August of 2016 as the PUSH High School Success Coach at Burke High School. Before Freedom House, Kevin served as a Math and Physical Education teacher in MA. He is a Boston Public School graduate (West Roxbury C/O 09) and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2013 with a B.A. in Sociology. Kevin loves working with young people, education, and football.

  • Malcolm Thomas
    Malcolm ThomasPUSH College Coach

    Malcolm Thomas holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Child and Family Studies, and has completed a year of graduate work in Secondary Education. His experience working with Freedom House Inc., Federal Trio programs, Upward Bound and Talent Search, has expanded his knowledge of the college access and success process. He has had the privilege of success coaching first year college students and advising a young men’s group to engage in dialogue around education and community.

Meet our board

Meet the people who govern our organization and safeguard our mission.

Board Chair

Andrew Sobers

Board Officers

Lisa Guscott, Treasurer
Gintas Krisciunas, Clerk

Kwabena Abboa-Offei, Esq.
Antoinette Coakley, Esq.
Mike Glavin
Gary Morton
Keith Motley, Ph.D
Susan M. O’Connor
Jessie Saintcyr, Esq.
Lori Smith Britton
Natasha Telesford
Jeff Zinsmeyer

Emeritus Board Members

Herbert S. Cohen. Esq.
Jemadari Kamara, Ph.D.
Jessica Lipnack
Richard Olson Jr.
Tulaine Montgomery

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