Freedom House removes barriers to educational success and opportunity by coaching students, creating college-level learning opportunities, and providing intense college preparation during the summer.
Freedom House places college coaches within high schools and colleges to foster a strong academic environment and create a college-going identity. We encourage college-level learning, as well as community empowerment, through our community and civic education programs.

The Freedom House mission is to transform the economic and cultural fabric of high-need communities through education and leadership development.

Our Programs

Learn how our programs are helping students in our community gain access to a college education.

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Our Methodology

Our research-based college success programs change academic culture and create college persistence.

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The Results

Our programs have shown tremendous promise in helping students get to and graduate from college.

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Providing Pathways To Success

Freedom House was founded in 1949 by social workers and activists Muriel and Otto Snowden as a catalyst for promoting equality and access to quality education for people residing in lower-income communities of color throughout Boston.

Sixty-five years of experience in preparing inner city youth for higher education has culminated in the development of our PUSH programs, CommUniversity (which brings community residents and students together to work on community development issues), the Summer Intensive Institute (which hones in on math, English, science and technology studies for students at risk of not graduating), and our public access technology lab.

PUSH is an embedded high school and college model that increases students’ college-going identity, helps students navigate the college application process, and increases their ability to transition to and complete college with confidence and success.

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Hear what our students have to say about their PUSH experience

  • Success is the satisfaction of accomplishing through adversity. Success takes hard work, determination, commitment, sacrifice, people and luck. Graduating means we could look back and declare it was all worth it! After I finish college, I want to go back to my community and give back. Thank you Freedom House!

    Tucker Gaye
    Tucker GayeFreshman, UMASS-Boston
  • I would recommend PUSH because they were a big help for me. They always looked out for my academics, and if I needed the help they would be able to refer me to it. My definition of SUCCESS is completing college and having a well-paid job, which would come from the education I acquired from college.

    Homesh JaglallFreshman, UMASS-Boston
  • After I finish college, I will attend Medical School. After years of hard work in Medical School, I will do my residency and then I will become a doctor. With my occupation and knowledge, I will build hospitals in the villages of Nepal and give back to my community in Nepal and my community here in Boston the applicable knowledge I received in Medical School and life.

    Anamol Gurung
    Anamol GurungFreshman, UMASS- Boston

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