Summer Intensive Institute

The Summer Intensive Institute provides math review, English and writing, financial aid advising, and enrollment assistance to prepare students for college.

PUSH College Summer

What is the Summer Intensive Institute?

The Summer Intensive Institute provides intensive math review, English and writing, financial aid advising, enrollment assistance, and efficacy training during the summer months to better prepare students for thinking about college.  The goals of the Summer Institute are to support students’ preparation while still in high school, ensure a successful arrival on the college campus once admitted, and development of the ability to thrive in a college environment.  The Institute consists of a six-part workshop series, one-on-one case management as needed and monthly mentor meetings.  The weekly workshops cover topics such as:

1) College 101: How to Survive Freshman Year
2) Paying for College: An Overview of the Financial Aid Process and Strategies
3) Efficacy Training
4) Writers’ Workshop: Tips and Tools to Improve Your College Writing
5) Time Management and Effective Study Skills
6) Managing Change: Transitioning from High School to College Life.

Students also focus on community service and civic engagement training at least one day a week.

Freedom House has participated in a rigorous initiative geared towards reducing summer learning loss for high school students under the Boston Opportunity Agenda.  The Boston Public Schools were selected as one of six school districts nationwide to receive funding from the Wallace Foundation to strengthen summer learning programs and measure their effectiveness over time.   Providing high quality summer learning opportunities particularly for children from low income and minority communities helps to reduce the loss of knowledge and skills during summer break.

Summer Class Offering and Workshops

Summer Class Offering
Writing 101: Tips & Tools To Improve Your WritingNo matter what level your writing skills are, students will be provided access to tools and strategies that will assist them in planning out college writing assignments. Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 6 weeks.
Math 101: Getting Ready For College MathStudents may receive math instruction on campus or at Freedom House.  Time TBD depending on the number of students who request this course.
Summer Workshops
College 101 – How to Survive Freshman YearAn overview for students on how to navigate the college system and how to avoid many of the common problems freshmen often encounter.Whether you live on-campus or off-campus, the college transition will be exciting; and challenging for students and parents alike. This session will help students better understand the variety of issues that students may face.
Paying for College – An overview of the Financial Aid Process and strategies to get the most out of itStudents will better understand the ABCs’ of financing a college education and avoid burdening themselves with too much debt. This Financial Aid Workshop will offer one stop shopping for students and their parents detailing the required financial resources to attend college. Students will learn about federal, state, institutional and private sources of aid as well as understand required annual processes and procedures. Presented by Access Boston
EfficacyA self development workshop to help students commit themselves to achieving a Proficiency mindset. This session will help students understand and apply Effective Effort to their tasks, while also learning to monitor data about their own performance to guide their learning strategies.
Learning Styles & Effective Study SkillsStudents will be introduced to and engage in a “hands-on” review of study techniques that will assist them in achieving better grades. Topics include getting organized, note taking, test taking strategies and understanding when and how to get help from college resources.
Time ManagementUnderstanding what your weekly schedule includes and how to map out and prioritize tasks.
Majors  & CareersStudents learn the connection between majors and careers and how to begin setting goals in their first year.
“On” and “Off” Campus AdvisingThrough regular on campus office hours and periodic special programming at Freedom House, PUSH Participants will have access to advice, including financial aid, and other supports that help to ensure college success.
  • My definition of success is achieving your dreams, plain and simple. When you work hard, failed but got back up to what you wanted and got there, that is success.  Having a coach has been a benefit to me because my coach has kept me organized with what I need to do for school.  Graduating from college would mean the world to me.

    Ayanna WarfieldFreshman, Bunker Hill Community College
  • The PUSH Program not only helped me apply for college but also assisted me with books, connected me with resources, and guided me through my first year of college as an incoming freshman, but the help didn’t stop there. There were resources right on campus that I wouldn’t have utilized if it was not for the program’s assistance, including advising, tutoring, career centers, and student support centers.

    Nikela PorterSenior, UMASS-Boston
  • I would recommend PUSH because they were a big help for me. They always looked out for my academics, and if I needed the help they would be able to refer me to it. My definition of SUCCESS is completing college and having a well-paid job, which would come from the education I acquired from college.

    Homesh JaglallFreshman, UMASS-Boston
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