The Results

Our work is more than good intentions.


We carefully measure our successes and our failures in order to ensure the long-term success of our programs.

College acceptance


100% of PUSH High School students complete a written Pathway to Success Plan


PUSH College Students have a persistence rate of 77%

(20% higher than their peers)


100% of students report increased understanding and confidence in applying for college

2012 Graduates (pre-PUSH)

2014 Graduates (post-PUSH)

How do we get the results?

First, we understand that we cannot do this work alone. That is why we partner with schools, as well as other organizations in order to provide students with the most comprehensive and thorough program possible. We partner with uAspire and the American Student Association to assist students with FAFSA completion and their CSS profile; with the Grand Circle Foundation to provide students with leadership training and internship possibilities; and the Boston PIC to provide students with job training and resume building. In addition, our PUSH coaches provide workshops, classes, civic projects, and one-on-one counseling. Classes preparing students for college success include:

  • the transition to college
  • time management
  • financial literacy and planning
  • the importance of academics
  • relationship management
  • identity
  • leadership
  • personal communication (peer, educator, and professional)
  • health and wellness
  • cultural competency and acceptance
  • civic engagement

We have also strategically designed our program to insure students receive these skills throughout their high school education. Our goal is to reach students early in order to establish a college-going identity and culture of academic success throughout the high school.

Project REACH

Longitudinal data 20 years later reveals:

97% Graduation Rate
46% Received Master's Degrees
55% Actively Volunteer
20% Hold Leadership or Public Office
16% Received Professional Degrees
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