PUSH High School

PUSH High School helps students prepare
a post-secondary plan, complete steps for college entry,
& prepare for a post-secondary education.

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How does PUSH High School Work?

PUSH High School establishes a close partnership by embedding coaches in high schools so that we can expose and refer students to all of the essential programs that can prepare students for college success. In order to accomplish our goal, we work to change the academic culture of a high school so that students begin thinking about college as soon as they enter high school.

Students who have a post-secondary plan, assistance in completing critical steps for college entry, and apply for financial aid are more likely to attend and graduate from college[1]. Our goal is to make sure that all students understand the basic high school academic requirements for both a diploma and college admission, that all students apply to at least one two-year or four-year college, and that all graduating seniors have a post-secondary plan.


[1] W. G. Tierney, Thomas Bailey, J. Constantine, N. Finkelstein & N. F. Hurd (2009).Helping Students Navigate the Path to College. National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance.


What is the impact of PUSH High School?

While our PUSH High School program is in its infancy, the results thus far are noteworthy. Our PUSH High School program is just finishing the first full year at Snowden International, a Boston Public High School, and we are already seeing a massive increase, not only in the number of students attending college, but the number of students attending four year institutions (a key indicator of success and completion in college[2]).


[2] Bowen, W. G., Chingos, M. M., and McPherson, M. S. (2009). Crossing the Finish Line.Princeton University Press.

How do we get results?

First, we understand that we cannot do this work alone. That is why we partner with schools, as well as other organizations in order to provide students with the most comprehensive and thorough programs possible. We partner with uAspire and the American Student Association to assist students with FAFSA completion and their CSS profile; with the Grand Circle Foundation to provide students with leadership training and internship possibilities; and the Boston PIC to provide students with job training and resume building. In addition, our PUSH coaches provide workshops, classes, civic projects, and one-on-one counseling. Classes preparing students for college success include:

  • My definition of success is achieving your dreams, plain and simple. When you work hard, failed but got back up to what you wanted and got there, that is success.  Having a coach has been a benefit to me because my coach has kept me organized with what I need to do for school.  Graduating from college would mean the world to me.

    Ayanna WarfieldFreshman, Bunker Hill Community College
  • The PUSH Program not only helped me apply for college but also assisted me with books, connected me with resources, and guided me through my first year of college as an incoming freshman, but the help didn’t stop there. There were resources right on campus that I wouldn’t have utilized if it was not for the program’s assistance, including advising, tutoring, career centers, and student support centers.

    Nikela PorterSenior, UMASS-Boston
  • I would recommend PUSH because they were a big help for me. They always looked out for my academics, and if I needed the help they would be able to refer me to it. My definition of SUCCESS is completing college and having a well-paid job, which would come from the education I acquired from college.

    Homesh JaglallFreshman, UMASS-Boston
  • the transition to college
  • time management
  • financial literacy and planning
  • the importance of academics
  • relationship management
  • identity
  • leadership
  • personal communication (peer, educator, and professional)
  • health and wellness
  • cultural competency and acceptance
  • civic engagement

We have also strategically designed our program to ensure students receive these skills throughout their high school education. Our goal is to reach students early in order to establish a college-going identity and culture of academic success throughout the high school.

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