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A Pathway to Success
Our goal is to guide students from their freshman year in high school, all the way to college completion. That is why we have our PUSH High School and PUSH College programs.

Freedom House envisions a future where all students achieve at high levels and as successful adults contribute to their community. We believe that income inequality creates both opportunity inequality and outcome inequality. A quality education is essential to both an individual’s career aspirations and financial well-being, and a community’s overall health and vitality. Freedom House is therefore committed to the objective of improving outcomes for Boston’s residents across the education pipeline and increasing the 2 and 4 year college graduation rate for low income, minority and first generation college students.

Freedom House offers high-quality educational programs which help students thrive, create, explore, challenge and grow! Freedom House created the Preparing Urban Students for Success in High School and Higher Education (PUSH) program to increase life time earnings of young people, thereby reducing poverty, and to create 21st century skills for employability.

The PUSH program platform helps students develop the skills, strategies and support networks necessary to ensure that urban students graduate from high school, access higher education and graduate from college with the  skills which enable them to participate and succeed in a global economy.

Our expertise as a community partner increases the capacity of public school systems to graduate students who are college ready and colleges to increase their graduation rates. Freedom House also focuses on overcoming systemic educational barriers, policies that negatively impact inner-city communities, and other social justice challenges.

PUSH High School

PUSH High School establishes a close partnership by embedding coaches in high schools so that we can expose and refer students to all of the essential programs that can prepare students for college success.

PUSH College

PUSH College helps new college students transition successfully into college and persist to graduation. Freedom House staff coach students to develop strong academic behaviors and self-advocacy skills.


A program that transfers classroom learning into real-world change by pairing members of the community, college students, and high school students with experienced community leaders and organizers.

Summer Intensive Institute

The Summer Intensive Institute provides intensive math review, English and writing, financial aid advising, enrollment assistance, and efficacy training during the summer months to better prepare students for thinking about college.

Technology Center

Our technology center helps bridge the digital divide by providing academic support, technology education and access to computers for neighborhood residents through the Timothy Smith Technology Center.

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