Reflections as a 2014 PAC Ambassador

 In Education, Freedom House, PUSH College
by Tucker S. Gaye

I am returning as a Freedom House PAC Ambassador for another year with high hopes and expectations. I anticipated that my leadership ability would set the expectation bar for our new PAC Ambassadors. My prior experience being a PAC Ambassador made me realize that I was kicking off another incredible year. I feel fortunate to work with amazing people and look forward to building sustainable comradery.

As I approach the last few months of being a 2014 PAC Ambassador, I can genuinely say my expectation for the year was met. I expected the PAC to have an active participatory role in the success of Freedom House’s Champions of Freedom annual event. That was a hit! I expected to gain valuable educational and life productivity insights and skills from attending workshops on subjects like: finding employment and tips on landing a job, how to live a healthier lifestyle, information on financial literacy and how to budget, measure and obtain small and large goals. We reminded ourselves on ways we can give back to our community and also to ourselves. Yes, this year’s PAC can tell you a thing or two about self-enrichment, civic engagement and community service.

We’re constantly confronted with the contradictions of college life: get as much sleep as you can but don’t sleep, take advantage of the opportunities given, don’t get taken advantage of, pay your bills and pay yourself, establish credit, get accredited, etc. This summer we welcomed Cohort 6, but in reciprocity the open door, open arms and warm hugs from Freedom House made us feel welcomed too.

I expected to learn and acquire new skills while building on old skills. I did both by volunteering for projects such as snapping and editing photos, shooting and editing videos, and creating documents using word/excel/adobe applications. I especially loved working on the Cohort 6 welcoming booklet. I work with a diverse council consisting of wonderful, success driven, team-oriented and supportive individuals. I received more than just an invitation to a council such as that mentioned above, I received an invitation to a Freedom House family rooted in 5 core values: Legacy, Education, Integrity and Accountability, Leadership, Diversity, Persistence and Progress.

As much as I enjoyed being a part of the first PUSH Advisory Council, my greatest sense of accomplishment comes from my expectations being met and exceeded, which means I’m walking on the right path to success.

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